LCM – cobbie, julie, sava, karlmond & achraf

IMG_6525 IMG_6742 IMG_6974 IMG_6983IMG_8590IMG_8396

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  1. What stood out for me in this post are the uniqueness of each persons hair. Brilliant work capturing this

  2. Abital Deng says:

    Beautiful designs, especially the yellow jacket, i love it.

  3. Nora Gouma says:

    Truely amazing collections, I love the most the yellow coat. Gorgeous!!!


  4. Wousang says:

    i love these photos,and i think that they are art

  5. lucy says:

    i love these photo !!

  6. Sharon says:

    There is some SUPER luscious hair going on here – love it!

  7. Alisa says:

    wow those dreadlocks… lol if i could i would grow the same thing!
    these look stunning. i especially love that yellow coat… looks so hot.


  8. Anthony says:

    So stylish. Is one model wearing bracelets?