Face of the Week #2: Mona Ali


What do you usually answer when people ask you where you come from?
This question for me is always so complicated, as I’m not fully sure of it myself. Where does anyone ever come from? Maybe from the gym or the groceries store. But if I’m going to be serious I usually say Norway, Sweden and Somalia
What’s your favourite area in London and why?
I would say Islington! It’s my home and probably where I first time felt like an adult.
How do your origins and places you’ve lived in influence your style?
Not labelling myself definitely gives me the freedom to wear what ever I want and I feel London helps me be who ever I want to be. I think tomorrow I would like to be Diana Ross in the 70’s.
Is it important to stand out? Does it just happen or is it on purpose?
I think it’s very important to stand out, you only have one life and maybe you want to be remembered for all the crazy lovely things you are! So why not embrace it?
If you could take a flight tomorrow to a place you’ve never been, what would you go for?
That’s a tough question, at this very moment I’m in a plane to Tønsberg, Norway to visit my family. However I would love to visit Indonesia!
Every time I see you, you got different hair style, what’s next?
Haha, I think it’s pretty crazy how someone can look so different just by changing their hairstyles. My goal was always to grow it, but as you can see I’m not doing a great job. I think growing my hair from a pixie will be a lot of fun! I’ve got plenty of ideas so stay tuned!
How do you feel about the ideal of ‘beauty’ represented in medias? I think we are moving forward with what the idea of what beauty means, as more people are speaking up about all the different issues. However I would love to see more cultural diversity in fashion (more Oriental, Asian and African).
Any girl crush of the moment?
 Zoe Kravitz
 What annoys you the most? Probably a lot of things that many other people would say annoy them, but I would be much less annoyed if people were more polite, selfless and smile a bit more often.
 What would like to learn? How I would love to learn all the different dances of the world!
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