Face of the Week #1: Juliane Diesner

Happy New Year Dear Readers from All Around The World!

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of FaceHunter, I’m introducing today a new rubric – that talks for itself: “Face of the Week”. On a weekly basis, I will introduce you to a special person, beyond images. A little Q&A will allow you to know more about her/him. I hope you will enjoy it. Bisous.

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Let’s start with the obvious… what do you do?
I live in Hamburg and I am working for my own online fashion site ’Style Shiver’. It started more like a hobby back in 2010 but now I would call it my job and the good thing is: I still love it, I love what I do. This year I will finish my studies in German literature and media communication too.
What would be the soundtrack of the photos we took?
Unfortunately the weather was not the best, but so typical for Hamburg. So I think the perfect soundtrack will be Sail by Noosa – easy, straightforward and diverting.
Would you say there is a Hamburg style? How would you describe it? I know it’s very cliche but it’s true. The girls here love the more ‚preppy‘ style with pearl earrings and a monogrammed LV bag. Or the ‚uniform’ consisting of Ugg Boots and a Woolwich Parka. All not very creative. But of course there are enough exceptions and now the positive – what I generally like here is the more understatement way people are dressing. The people don’t need to show off their wealth like in Munich for example (if you ever walked down the ‚Maximilianstraße‘ you know what I mean). I really like this relaxed, unagitated more understatement spirit here in Hamburg. It’s not that simplicity-at-it’s-best like in Copenhagen but it’s on a good way.
On Instagram, you are fed up with people who… try to be someone else and when I miss authenticity. Oh and too much selfies. I make selfies too, but please not every second picture, nobody wants to see this.
Do you have any style icon?
No not really. But I like the style from Elin Kling (queen of classics and simplicity), Veronika Heilbrunner (queen of trend combinations) and Ece Sukan (queen of vintage).
What are you most afraid of? Every time I step into an airplane I’m afraid. But I want to travel the world so I accept this. It’s important that you fight against your fears. There is a nice quote from Jack Canfield, which I found some time ago: ‚Everything you want is on the other side of fear.‘ This is absolutely true and I try to live according to it.
Any favourite TV series? In the past: King of Queens and Mad Men. These days I like Downton Abbey pretty much and can’t wait for the next season.
What do you believe in? I believe in honesty and authenticity. I believe that you will archive your goals when you stay genuine. May be it will take longer but it will pay off in the end. And of course I believe in happiness and the simple rule: If you are happy, keep doing whatever you’re doing. If not, change something.
What’s the most crazy thing you’ve ever done? Puhh thats a tough question. In the first seconds when I thought about this question nothing came into my mind, so I was thinking‚ ‚Are you really that boring‘? But of course I did some crazy stuff when I was younger like getting a tattoo with 16 without a permission from my parents or climbing up my parents house at night to see my former boyfriend. And of course there are a few things I won’t tell ;)
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