PARIS – PFW day 8 & 9


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  1. pinkschmink says:

    I adore all the colour in these looks!

  2. Anthony says:

    I love the colors in these pictures. Beautiful shots.

  3. Lot of great style, love the first one, the fur jacket is amazing!

  4. great inspiration! The fifth look is my favourite!

    x Karen

  5. Victor says:

    I can see that yellow purses are trendy. Love the first fur top and the second look, so chic!

  6. These are some great pics. I really like those bike pic and the blouse with the guns.

  7. That white and blue dress in the sixth picture… beautiful!

  8. Loved the way of your dressings.. Each and every collection is different..

  9. Fiftn UK says:

    What a bunch of great shots! Just when I thought I’ve seen everything on Paris Fashion Week.

  10. Yoda says:

    Love the textures of the sweater and bag in number two.

  11. lilly says:

    love The Women Fashion Awesome Fashion Guide Really Like It.

  12. Sera says:

    Amazing looks! Love the chanel-bag <3

  13. Hardeep says:

    Really all designs and flavors are beautiful. Awesome clicks and dresses

  14. Hardeep says:

    Fabulous collection…. soooo cute pics..!!