NEW YORK – NYFW day 4, 5 & 6


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  1. The first woman is stunning and I love the last woman’s outfit. Nice shots.

  2. Love this looks, great choice

  3. Catia purses says:

    All these looks are stunning, so unique! Pure fashion, love the clutch bags and purses, also the pink coat and round glasses, amazing!

  4. Miss miller says:

    Fierce look choices! And great pictures!
    The yellow glasses from the 3rd pic are amazing!!!
    Where can I get them?

  5. ingvildklund says:

    I really liked the last look. Love pink coats! Also the angel of the camera was realy good, made it all even more intresting.

  6. First shot is my favourite, love how she paired fur hat with fur coat, the leather pants are cool and the leather bag is very chic, love her look.

  7. Shanize Bonner says:

    Hi, Im a Fashion Journalism student at Southampton Uni.
    I am currently creating my own Fashion magazine, and would LOVE to include some of your images. The magazine will not get published, its strictly just a Uni project. You will be credited for every image sourced, and I could send you a copy of the finish spread if requested.

    If you are interested please could you email me, would really appreciate it.

    Thanks, Shanize x

  8. Des & Jen says:

    Amazing outfits! <3 (Fashionblog by TWINS)

  9. Pierre Jean-Baptiste says:

    I love all the street style looks from London Fashion Week.