STOCKHOLM – fashion week day 2


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  1. Great looks! Your photos are aweosme

  2. I love all these looks, my favourite is the last one, the fur coat and the bag are cool

  3. Lucy says:

    Ah they all look so fresh-faced and gorgeous! Love the sequin skirt, I always manage to buy party clothes and never anything practical but it’s good to see they can be worn in the light of day too :)

  4. Love all the looks but the lady in red is a stunner.

  5. Nancy says:

    Sad to have missed Stockholm FW this season – loving the style! N xxx

  6. hartinart says:

    I love the blue green skirt… awesome…

  7. I’m obsessed with the red look with the fur coat!

  8. Katy bags says:

    I´ve never been in Stockholm, would love to visit. Nice looks, love the brown leather bag in fifth picture although she´s not matching it well with the tennis shoes

  9. Great Collection of Photos… Awesome..

  10. Maggie says:

    Ah Fashion Week. Flawless looks across the board! Thanks for sharing! xx

  11. Barbra bags says:

    They all look amazing, love Stockholmd and its people, they are very sophisticated, love the bag in last image, bold and unique

  12. Corie purses says:

    Love the blue green skirt although I´m sure I would not look so well on it and black leather bag in sixth look is amazing

  13. lita says:

    The long coat in the first pic is so chic and special, like it.

  14. melani says:

    How can they always be so stylish whatever they wear.