MEXICO CITY – cheryl, jesus & pamy

DSC00016 DSC00026DSC00128DSC00096

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  1. Taipei Style says:

    Cool styles and pictures!


  2. Cool Styles. Love the first lady’s outfit the most.

  3. Daniel says:

    the first girl is so cute:)

  4. These persons have a great style!

  5. Henry says:

    Nice pics! Third look is my favourite, love the shoes!

  6. perfect outfit……nice look……Love your style very elegant!

  7. Maria Carmen says:

    OMG! The second girls outfit is FLAWLESS! I want those shoes!

  8. Mark lee says:

    Cool Pic !!
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  9. elayne says:

    The shirt in the first pic rocks, like it.

  10. eufemia says:

    Great combination in this outfit, you look cute in the shirt and the skirt.