SEPT. 2013 – 6 fashion weeks in a row

5-12 Sep.: New York Fashion Week (in partnership with Dream Downtown hotel)

13-17 Sep.: London Fashion Week

18-22 Sep.: Milan Fashion Week

23 Sep. – 1 Oct.: Paris Fashion Week

2-5 Oct.: South African Fashion Week, Johannesburg

On the 2nd, Q&A with bloggers at 4PM and book launch at 5PM at Warm & Glad (357 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall).

7-8 Oct.: Cape Town 

On the 8th, book launch party at We Are Awesome.

10-12 Oct. Minsk Fashion Week



NYFW, September 2013


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  1. nikhil d says:

    is that the indian model Rachel Bayros on the right?

  2. Wow thats some schedule….Caffeine may be your best friend! Good Luck

  3. Some people in this world not only make lemonade from life’s lemons, but they slip on something comfortable and find a great place to enjoy it…

  4. moda donna says:

    Giornata molto confortevole。

  5. sposamore says:

    I love, I’m a fan of fashion