REYKJAVIK – downtown, 08/02-04/13

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  1. little t says:

    I love the variety in your posts xx

  2. Loving that Santa Cruz long board!

  3. Zenguy101 says:

    Loved the Hawaii pics

  4. Beautiful photo! I think it totally represents summer! Brilliant colour for the season.

  5. Miyatch says:

    I like the random stuff the models wore. Lady gaga crossed my mind when I saw the girl w/ nostril piercing. I’m like, “cool chick!”

  6. Digging this post.


  7. Ketkamon says:

    Love the retro-inspired looks popular at the moment.

  8. Love your blog!!! Is so cute! =)

  9. Style is... says:

    Loving the first two outfits. Great mixes of denim, sparkles and patterns.