COPENHAGEN – fashion week ss 13, 08/07-08/13

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  1. Carla Cee says:

    rongingslovely faces, gorgeous outfits <3

    Carla Cee

  2. I’m head over heels in love with the second girl’s outfit. Very striking!

  3. Rougeuse says:

    The second look is gorgeous! x

  4. Anonymous says:

    #3 in love with the second dress

  5. guest says:

    The girl on 1-st photo is the best. ;)

  6. Violet Vixen says:

    So many beautiful outfits! I love that dress in the second picture!

  7. little t says:

    Love all the navy/black combinations.

  8. Luca Sonia says:

    The second white dress is amazing!
    abiti da sera

  9. Oh wow …love Camille’s outfit! She looks great in Navy and black.