HELSINKI – punavuoari & eiranranta, 07/11-12/13

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  1. Isidor says:


    – Isidor

  2. Tony Smith says:

    People are fascinating, and beautiful. Thanks for the blog! Although it’s a bit data hungry given so many large pictures on the home page. Maybe just the latest post on the home page? Just a thought. Some of us are on mobile tethers you know!

  3. Carin Robert says:

    Lovely pics and nice photo shoot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg I didnĀ“t know that you were in Finland! This blog is amazing:) I should have been in Helsinki on those days, damn..

  5. ohhh they are all beautiful! What catches my attention is the big Turquoise earrings, it’s perfectly suits in the outfits. Trendy womens clothing

  6. StyleGodis says:

    Awesome shorts! The shoes look amazing. Lovely outfit overall!


  7. Style is... says:

    Lovely pictures and beautiful people! I love the outfit in the first picture such a cool look.

  8. Miguel Maza says:

    First two pictures:..sooo..BEAUTIFUL girl :) and cool outfits! especially first one, very Finland

  9. Lorna says:

    Absolutely love the purple hair! Also the top in the second picture is just lush! I have something similar
    well I thought it was quite close! ;p All your pictures make me come to the one conclusion… I have to go shopping now!