Google Readers is shutting down on 1st July. To not lose the listing of blogs you are following, I’d suggest you to export it to Bloglovin. To do it, it’s super easy, just click here and follow the instructions.
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Otherwise, this is my schedule for now:

June 26-27: PARIS

June 28-20: ODESSA (Ukraine)

July 1-4: BERLIN
Book launch party on 3rd July at RESS Concept Store (Oranienburger Straße 4-5) from 6-9PM

July 5-8: TALLINN (Estonia)

Book launch party on 8th at Sfäär (Mere pst) from 6PM

Bucharest, June 2013
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  1. little t says:

    I’m following on bloglovin.

    Love these sandals!

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    thank you very much