BANGKOK – wannaco, duang & namwan, siam center, 05/29-30/13

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  1. StreetLounge says:

    “Wow” for the first photo!

  2. Annabelle says:

    I love the shoes in the second and fourth picture. They seem so variable!

  3. I love the striped suit. she makes it fresh and not beetlejuice-like

  4. Isidor says:

    WOW! Just… Wow
    These girls look amazing

    – Isidor

  5. Miiicha says:

    Stripes Stripes – so elegant !

  6. Minnaland says:

    Love the girl with black and white blazer! Super stylish. /Minna

  7. says:

    In light of these declaimed We became determined to visit Bangkok. Beautiful.

  8. Maylis Loth says:

    Gorgeous pictures, especially the last one, i love it! xx

  9. Maylis Loth says:

    Great pictures, especially the last one, i love it

  10. INTIZ says:

    Great photos:) I was great to meet you and get your ideas to improve my blog :)Thank you Yvan :)

  11. Eva Keane says:

    The shoes in the first photo are so cool!

  12. love all of these outfits – they all look amazing!!

  13. The first photo is stunning!

    I was just in Bangkok last week :)

  14. Qclothing says:

    I like all dresses but the shoes of the first one is no nice!