JAKARTA – ayla, monique, dina & cynthia, 04/29-05/01/13

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  1. Love the first two shots, especially the action in the first.

  2. boblist says:

    Amazing styles! love all of them but especially the first!! Greats from Milan, b.

  3. Ketkamon says:

    I like the sweater with the palm trees.

  4. Isidor says:

    Cute girls!

    – Isidor

  5. Ms_match says:

    Thanks for the pic Yvan! It was nice seeing you :)
    Fyi the sweater in the picture is from http://www.alex-alexa.com ;)

  6. Unknown says:

    And what about dress (or skirt) with clouds? Is there any chance to know where it is from? I am crazy about this dress(skirt) ;)

  7. I love the fashion sense shown, but my favorite was the girl with a orange slacks and gray shirt with a scarf.

    granton world

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually a skirt :D The cloud skirt is also from alex[a]lexa, stalk us on instagram @shopalexalexa and http://www.alex-alexa.com :)