MILAN – fashion week aw 13, day 4 & 5, 02/23-24/13

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  1. Nicoleta_B says:

    Absolutely awesome looks.

    I saw some of them during Milan Fashion Week.

    MAny kisses,


  2. Paradisienne says:

    I love al photos! Good to see that there are still people out there who’re not afraid of wearing color! Greath shots!

  3. Malin Rouge says:

    Wow, great outfits!
    I fell in love with the red jacket :)



  4. Milan Fashion Week has an endless treasure of creative steet stylers

  5. Nia says:

    Your pictures intersting. Especially, 4th because the shoes in it, I want to see really.

  6. Isidor says:

    Love to all of the lovely ladies! Great outfits

    – Isidoruroppid


    We really enjoyed your Milan Fashion week faces! Maybe you could come visit the Slovenian Fashion Week next time? What do you think? ;)

    Best regards,
    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

  8. Anonymous says:

    The first look is such a refeshing take on effortless with a touch of humour.

  9. 2moiselles says:

    Magnifiques looks, magnifiques photos!!

  10. Love these photos. The first has such great accessories. Great to see some amazing prints and the bright colours too.

  11. I love Milan and like all photos you.

  12. StreetLounge says:

    First one is very interesting, I like it! :)

  13. styledoctors says:

    Brilliant use of colour.

  14. Amazing look.

    Kiss from Brazil. I’m Manual Fashion.

  15. Alavinbomban says:

    Oh my.
    I hope you come to Barcelona someday so I can take YOU some pics from my balcony.

  16. Hello. I just love, love, love your blog. I am considering to try color blocking, but I am not very sure of what combinations to choose. Do you think you can post more photos in this respect? Thaaaanks and keep doing this, you’re making a grreeat job :D