LOS ANGELES – melrose, 04/03-04/13

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  1. Isidor says:

    Love the first guys! SO stylish!

    – Isidor

  2. C Watson says:

    Hi Yvan,

    Lovely pictures. :) What camera did you use to take them?


  3. Loving the first shot of the two cool dudes.

  4. I love your photos, you could pass by St. Paul again, and I would show you the places where there are unique styles and original people!
    LA … love!

  5. great pictures, quirky and fresh.I always enjoy seeing your blog

  6. stylistki says:

    the first pic is great

  7. Great boys outfit at the first picture:*

  8. leonieamalia says:

    Love the blond girl’s blue/black jacket with her dress!

  9. Thos 2 kids at the top are just too cool for school, brilliant


  10. Lindsay says:

    love all the different styles of fashion you’ve put together

  11. Fascinators says:

    Really These are all unique style. Just keep it up.

  12. Ketkamon says:

    Some very impressive, retro looks.

  13. Lisa says:

    Love the cool, urban and fashionable look of the two guys! Awesome look.

  14. Carin Robert says:

    Tried fashion photography?