PARIS – fashion week aw 13, day 3, 4 & 5, 02/28+03/01&02/13

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  1. Great outfits! Especially the girl on first pic!

  2. AMAZING photos!!!compliments :-)
    from Rome with Love

  3. Style Stars says:

    that first picture is so cute, i love all the stripes in both their outfits.

  4. the mens outfit is wonderful, more mens fashion please!

  5. Love the striking orange suit! Bound to turn heads!

    The Unabashed Feminist

  6. CarolinaBK says:

    Eleonora is always so cool!
    Great all the outfits by the way ;)

  7. I’m diggin the picture in this post with the girl who layered her leather jacket over a black, puffy down coat. It looked like it was all one piece!

  8. Anam David says:

    loved the first outfit