KIEV – mercedes-benz kiev fashion days, 03/22-24/13

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  1. Sinem says:

    Black and white together is always chic…she is lovely

  2. StreetLounge says:

    Interesting ones. :)

  3. As usual amazing pics! Love the sculptural clothes and prints. Kisses from Vienna, Katja

    PS.: I’m not sure, if it’s only my problem: But it’s not possible for me to leave a comment on your blog visiting via bloglovin! I have to type in your URL into my browser separately, then it works!

  4. kevin says:

    first girl is so lovely.. who is she?

  5. FASHION SNAG says:

    Loving the woman in the sheer black blouse!

  6. I love the first look! It’s racy, yet innocent. What a fascinating combo!

  7. Ancia says:

    Love the first!

  8. little t says:

    IN LOVE with the first girl. And her hair! her hair!

  9. Calli says:

    Like everyone else, I like the first picture. Gorgeous!

  10. Amazing sytle.

    Kiss from Manual Fashion.

  11. Inspiring pictures!! I am especially in love with the outfit on the first(Fourth) and third picture! Both look super chic!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  12. Style Stars says:

    i love the orange dress! so pretty. lovely photo :)


  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Love the first look. Very sophisticated lady!!

    Regards from: xx

  15. laura says:

    an effect combination , black and white , never been obsolete…fascinating combo!

  16. Susan Graves says:

    Amazing shoes in the second picture of orange colored door behind.That chain is also chic.Nice outfits in every picture.


  17. The black and white outfit girl is pretty amazing and sexy. The outfit looks original and fashion parallel, giving quality comfort.

  18. The ultimate designer shoes in 2nd and the 3rd picture. These type of shoes are very comfortable to wear in any time. Awesome.

  19. kizi says:

    WOW! Every time I see one of your posts I just think that you couldn’t top your last one. But you make me go ‘WOW’ every time. Love your outfits. Great look! Hot pink is such a statement. I love it!