NEW YORK – fashion week fw 13, day 3, 02/09/13

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  1. Stand Out says:

    In love with the jellow look!

    Stay tuned on

  2. We were there also. It was so beautiful, so elegant, white as the snow in NY.

  3. says:

    White dress, white NY, white fashionable in this winter. Follow you.

  4. laura says:

    Love the blue outfit!

  5. Annushka says:

    Magnificent post, awesome blog, delight!

  6. I Love the girl in the yellow! I believe she is from the blog Gary pepper vintage… Sorry if I wrote it wrong.. But her outfit is killer!!

  7. Zoe Barrow says:

    such amazing outfits! Love street style snaps, such great inspiration x

  8. Stan says:

    sympa le pantalon écossais où trouver ??

  9. travaux says:

    yellow is a color of happiness, great, my fav

  10. The Soph says:

    cest ça qui est rigolo en hiver, cest d’avoir chaud tout en etant stylé!

    thats what makes winter interesting ; staying warm and lookin good; not easy but well done here miss.

  11. newfashion says:

    It’s so cute and looking beautiful.

  12. margeret says:

    Love the pure white outfit in the last pic.