MILAN – fashion week aw 13, day 3, 02/22/13

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  1. Ten wpis warto przeczytać

  2. Anna says:

    Wow!, this time, I love all of them. Great.


  3. Lizzie Anne says:

    Aw i love it! Your blog is so chic, im so glad i stumbled upon it ;)
    happy blogging

  4. Sam Gouche says:

    Beautiful Couture, the very top picture is simply stunning the pants are perfect. I love the shoes which complement the whole ensemble
    Although not striking in colour this shot is my favourite.
    Was this shot near San Babila or Duomo?

  5. Elif Ok says:

    love the outfit, definitely following =))

  6. MARLA says:

    first look is absolutely per-fect!

  7. מאגיה says:

    the soldier cool!