BERLIN – bread & butter + mitte, 01/16/13

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  1. I absolutely love the first outfit. All those pale neutrals – very classy!

  2. Great styles and looks – love it – great pictures!
    Vanessa –

  3. little t says:

    That guy in the denim jacket is a dude!

  4. Simple but beautiful. Love all of them! Very classy!

  5. Laura Who says:

    Love the first one :)

    ♥ Laura
    Fashionblog  & Give Away

  6. Charlotte says:

    Love them all, especially the second one!

  7. kjandersen says:

    Berlin has style <3 Not that I questioned that, Berlin has a special place in my hear.

  8. Love the first look…she looks so delicate and chic!

  9. I’m reallllyyy digging that Women s cardigan sweater! You look great!

  10. Sirmans says:

    Absolutely LOVE the cape!!! Stunning. Nice to see some men’s outfits…