BANGKOK – asok & siam park, 12/18/12

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  1. Love the first girl’s outfit. Just goregous.

  2. Olivia Culpo says:

    loved the last outfit! Amazing photos!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi. What’s the brand of the shoes in the first photo?Thanks

  4. nice dresses, i really like it and i find it very interesting about fashion,appreciated Yvan Rodic and keep it up

  5. Isidor says:

    Love the first girl! The mix of high fashion with some traditional vibes is amazing!

    – Isidor

  6. Jackie says:

    One of my favourite places. Cool pics.

  7. Emmanuelle says:

    amazing! I loved the girl on the photo 4!

  8. That first girl, she’s so stunning!!


  9. Baltic amber says:

    Looking good and i don’t like smoke its not a smartness.

  10. Belcoutureco says:

    This is Asia style. Less daring but with great color variety!