AMMAN – fashion week, 11/7-10/12

More Amman Fashion Week images on my Visual Diary.

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  1. Clau Pantoja says:

    Little girls have great style
    All picts are beautiful
    xoxo from germany

  2. Lollihearts says:

    love the dress in the first pic! and the blazer is lush

  3. Dhwani Shah says:

    This is ‘being crazy’ fashion in an awesome way..! :)Loved the collection…Perfect collection of designer wear for the winters..!

  4. Dominique B. says:

    OMG those kids are adoooorable!

    The Niknok Style

  5. The Muse says:

    LOVE the blue suede bag, such a fab contrast to the look. The Muse x357

  6. Sofia says:

    those high heels look very hard to walk in, but they look great nonetheless.

  7. love these outfits :) xx

  8. mahid Lucman says:

    wow… i love fashion or ladies wears of girls also menswear. they are look good and beautiful ladies..