PARIS – fashion week ss 13, day 5, 09/29/12

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  1. Vilte says:

    I wanna onde day go and just take pictures of peoples clothes that I like!!

  2. StreetLounge says:

    Wo-ow, Paris is the best!

  3. Great styles and a great selection of pics! Good choice!

  4. Wow, the second woman’s outfit (voluminous green skirt/cropped black top) is stunning!

  5. Wow nice shot really I like it,from INDONESIA with smile.

  6. that long green skirt really steals the show for me. and paired with that necklace it’s just game over!


  7. Camille says:

    Thanks for the feature – and I’m smiling :) wow cx

  8. jo says:

    Great photos! and great selection of outfits :D