PARIS – fashion week ss 13, day 4, 09/28/12

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  1. Great outfit inspiration!

  2. I love the first, third and last outfit. I love the socks and platform combo in the third outfit and the tartan trousers in the last outfit are gorgeous x

  3. savannah says:

    I actually really like the colour pop of the blue heals in the second shot, and adore the high stockings and platforms paired by the woman with the long, blue sweater/shirt dress.
    Lord Ashbury.

  4. deuxchambres says:

    The third picture with the blue sweater is my favorite! :)
    Cute outfits <3

  5. Love that blue sweater, and those plaid pants remind me of a pair of plaid pants I had back in 97, my senior year of high school. Those were my size 0 days! I loved those pants, I wore the heck out of them! Glad to see that coming back. I don’t think mine were skinnies though. They were so comfy though! Like pajamas!

    Awesome blog and inspiring post!


  6. Im Mary says:

    very nice outfits. xoxo

  7. Cest Beaute says:

    The shot of the girl in the blue sweater is amazing.

  8. sanfranista says:

    Gorgeous. I love how all these women are so different but all have managed to look so effortlessly stylish. I’m digging the bright lipstick in the first and third as well- it adds just the right amount of playfulness.

  9. Emma c says:

    Wow loving the pictures. Here at Wag World we will be dedicating a whole section to street style. You have really good taste. Keep up the cool blogging girl :)

    Emma c xoxox