COPENHAGEN – fashion week ss13, day 1, 08/08/12

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  1. savannah says:

    I agree. My favorite is the first (maybe without the coat) I love her pouch around her neck!
    Lord Ashbury.

  2. Daniela G. says:

    The hills from the second pic!!!! I want oneeeee !!!

  3. leung says:

    Love the second one.The suit is great.

  4. great looks! really a unique look about what happens on the streets! =)

  5. Lauren says:

    the shot of the girl with bicycle is my fave- her bright mustard and over sized coat made me wonder how she can ride wearing that! And the animal print pants are a bold contrast–she is quite beautiful..

    Loving your blog,

  6. Bobby Raffin says:

    love the first one!! she is a babe <3

  7. Gah-Gah says:

    I love the trench style coat in the 1st pic.

  8. Ryan Thomas says:

    Adore the first look, the sweater & shirt combination looks great on her.

  9. Love your photos! can’t wait for more street style pics from the fashion week!

  10. number 5 love the spiked sleeves!!!

  11. Anya M. says:

    The last one is also really great.

  12. The Baker says:

    The shoes in the second photograph are great, as are the colors in the third. Lovely looks!