FRANKFURT AM MAIN – lüften festival, 06/22-24/12

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  1. StreetLounge says:

    First one is the best :)

  2. aiken says:

    love the girl from the 3rd photo! :))

  3. SK says:

    Love the brown cardigan in the first picture

  4. Love the first girl’s outfit. Great color combination.

  5. Liza Zano says:

    what’s with the squirrel? is it real??!

  6. ara says:

    Erland!!!!!! kings of fashionable

  7. Annushka says:

    Wonderful, wonderful pictures!!

  8. Kim West says:

    I agree with most of them, the first one has the nicest wardrobe. She looks chic and simple in a way.

  9. Rantyhoney says:

    Is the guy in the second picture Erlend oye (the singer? :S Great pictures!

  10. Yvan Rodic says:

    @ Liza Zano : it’s taxidermy
    @Rayon Roulette & @Rantyhoney: yes

  11. bubblybeccy says:

    loving all these looks.
    -esp those that are hounding in on the trend of focus neck pieces/collars

    bb xoxo

  12. I really need to up my game when walking my pooch ;) Great pics, fantastic looks

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kings of Convenience?

  14. Tim says:

    I wan’t the man’s glasses. I love the way they match his hair. Also, one of the better pastel combinations I’ve seen. The different elements of his outfit stand out sharply, where often with pastels, the colors too easily fade into one. And, most importantly, he pulls off the look not looking like a wanderlust lax bro trying to find his way back to Nantucket.

  15. Danielle says:

    What the f**k is up with the squirrel it’s creeping me out. Good? Bad? I can’t tlel but I love her outfit.