BERLIN – fashion week, 07/03-06/12

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  1. that lady,second fom up,has nice dress:)
    please visit me too,

  2. samantha says:

    I love the first outfit

  3. nonnapuffo says:

    Deliziosi i pantaloni a fiorellini verdi
    Un bacio

  4. baby dolphin says:

    The unbalance cutted skirt is very hot!
    She looks like sexy :)
    Baby dolphin

  5. Adore the girl with the purple hair…. and that second girl’s dress!


  6. This dress looks so wonderful, and I really like the combination of that feminine lace dress together with the masculine biker boots ! I would wear it exactly the way you do it!

  7. Love the green pants plus the little colour touch of the red bag… Nice style!!!

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  8. The first outfit is gorgeous, and with her hair it looked more amazing!!

  9. vogue-sky says:

    Love the color combination!!

  10. M.Ortycja says:

    what a beautiful violet hair! :O <3

  11. voguesky says:

    so amazing and fanatstic! but still beautiful too!