VANCOUVER – “secret location” store opening, 06/14-15/12

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  1. Bruna says:

    dos estilos diferentes pero favorecedores los dos!

    Mirar que diademas tan chic….

  2. Rosa Pel says:

    they have a nice style

  3. Love the second outfit. The voluminous pants, the multi-color belt, wedge sandals…all working!

  4. love those printed pants paired with dainty heels.

  5. Labella Luxe says:

    Cute black blouse!

  6. jessica-anne says:

    Ohhhhh that belt <3 <3 I've been looking for a really good streetstyle blog and I actually saw your blog in COMPANY and came to check you out, and I love what I see :D I'm your new follower, yay!

  7. Emily says:

    Oooooo love everything about the first look.


  8. Christian says:

    ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.
    i am following you, would you like to follow me back? -:)

    my blog (≧∀≦) σ :

  9. amazing. the pants on the first picture are amazing…

  10. I love that first look! Happy to see you in Canada too!

  11. Both neon neck lace and colorful belt are so nice item! I love them :)
    Their choice items are very good!

  12. Love the first outfit!Looks so chic!
    The accessories are wonderful!

  13. Oh,the blu bag is amazing.

  14. nonnapuffo says:

    Mi piace molto la borsa del primo outfit
    Un bacio

  15. WMBG says:

    great post!



  16. perfumes says:

    Amazing look , lovely pics. love your outfit.

  17. fashion-sky says:

    I love your blog!The photography is so cool.

  18. Musicvevo says:

    all the outfits are gorgeous and interesting,especially I want to mention those printed pants…

  19. Love love the belt~

  20. Lux Sky says:

    I really like the first and the third looks!