PORTO ALEGRE – gabriella, caroline, fabi & adriano, 05/26-27/12

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  1. nonnapuffo says:

    Mi piace molto la prima “mise”
    Un bacio


  2. Fab takes! Loving the #2 print trouses. Amazing!!

    Your Coffee Break


  3. Love the first outfit.
    What a great way of mixing prints!

  4. caco zanchi says:

    i like very much the style of the ” gauchos” Gabriella and Adriano.They are great and very international…from Belgium

  5. #guachomelhoremtudo :P LOL mas, sério, legal ver Porto Alegre no FH

  6. My city and Yvan. It was a great time together.

  7. Those pink socks look outstanding with those shoes.

  8. Lisa F. Gish says:

    Those people has some unique sense of style!

  9. Mila J. says:

    cool mix of prints in the first picture!

  10. Kasia says:

    1st pic is amazing :)

  11. king-fashion says:

    I really like the first and the third looks!

  12. #4 Adoring the colour combination. Has inspired me to ‘up the anti’ in my sock drawer – Thank You :)