ŁODZ – fashion week poland, day 1, 04/19/12

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  1. Mica says:

    Love the sequins on the second outfit! :)


  2. Beautiful clothes, girls and photoes :-) and my favourite Tamara, of course ;-)

  3. kobimaree says:

    Gorgeous! Love that chartreuse jacket. My fave colour right now!


  4. kobimaree says:

    Amazing! Love the Chartreuse jacket – my fave colour right now!


  5. Alison says:

    Really gorgeous looks. I love the neon in the first 2.


  6. Amy Rose says:

    I’m so in love with the neon (and the sailor hat!) of the first look, and the sequins in the second!

    Have a peek at my latest blog posts at


    – Amy Rose x

  7. jannica says:

    Love all of the outfits!! Amazing people!

  8. StreetLounge says:

    The second girl from all three is killing me, so great!

  9. joanne k. says:

    heeey! it’s poland! fashion week! first girl is Małgosia Jamroży, second – Tamara Gonzales Perea :D :D

  10. modishYou says:

    and the last one girl – is ME … heh :)


  11. Lena's Blend says:

    The gold top and necklace is great, very disco-like.


  12. Joey says:

    Nice pink blazer!!
    Maybe you also like this ray ban uk

  13. Red Mercury says:

    well chosen camera angle, color on top. The author really tried to work on! Good for you!

  14. Neon color jacket is very good.
    I want to get it too.
    First photo’s style is totally good to me.

  15. Getri says:

    eclectic! love it

  16. laura says:

    I am happy that i found this blog!