PARIS – fashion week aw 12, bonus 2

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  1. diane says:

    I envision the third one in matching camel trousers and brogues.

  2. Love the classy tailored suit and topper in the first shot and the beautiful camel coat in the third.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Nice clothings :) I like the style.

  4. Love the wet in third pic…Amazing Shoes….Great work Yvan.

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

  5. CONSUMÍNIMO says:

    belas fotografias.
    Gostei muito do teu blog!
    já estamos a seguir.


  6. The second shot won my heart <3
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  7. Dlight says:

    The outfits are incredible!

    Dlight from Paris

    La Rue A Du Style

  8. I love the coat from the last picture. Great look!

  9. StreetLounge says:

    This first lady with the suit is just so sexy like this!

  10. sandy says:

    Second one and the third one deserves the best…
    Top Models

  11. I love Paris … and I love the fashion week … the clothes are beautiful .. great post thanks

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love the COats!!! Love the prints on the coats!!

  13. Shazy says:

    Lovely Dressing :) Nice Sharing.

  14. all are wonderful, I love the way the girl leaning against resting and relaxing! beautiful!

  15. amazing ! I love the fashion in paris !

    check out my blog:

  16. Great shots ! as always
    love your blog !

  17. venturavogue says:

    Love the first outfit, so sophisticated!

  18. Very beautiful outfits shown above. These are amazing pics. I love the coat.

  19. mollyeeb says:

    Amazingly stylish!