LISBON – moda lisboa, 03/08-11/12

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  1. Your photographs are beautiful. xx

  2. Áine says:

    I love the first two images. The amazing backdrop just accentuates the outfit. . .

  3. Edy Pavey says:

    like the Frida Kahlo T-shirt!

  4. Liliana says:

    CarolinaFlores it’s the girl from last one! She’s stunning!
    I loved all photos!

  5. AML says:

    Your models were beautiful and you have a good eye for taking a photo. that is awesome you are really a pro face hunter.. great job..

  6. its too much amazing and beautiful looks and faces. so much beautiful collection. good work.

  7. Love all of these pictures. So much colour and individual style. All in a beautiful city! xxx

  8. Sambo says:

    Nice Photo!
    Girls are so cute!!

  9. s.c says:

    !0 points for the tram in the background. You really shows its portugal. Sometimes a bit difficult in mode. It all looks a bit to much on each other wherever you are..

  10. I love the style of Portuguese … they are fantastic people!

  11. I love the Frida t-shirt and her hair style is amazing! Beautiful photos!

  12. I love the last look

    Check my new post

  13. StreetLounge says:

    God, thought that the first one is naked in the begining :)

  14. Lisa Price says:

    Such style in all the shots. Love this post! Xo.

  15. The Frida tee is awesome. Just love iconographic outfits when used nicely.
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  16. Bill Chance says:

    Really nice. In addition to the beautiful women and wonderful outfits, I love the trolley in the first photo. What is it? An electric trolley covered in graffiti that is used up a steep hill?

  17. Your models were beautiful and you have a good eye for taking a photo.

  18. Puriche says:

    I like the colours in this post, they are all so beautiful