KIEV – mercedes-benz kiev fashion days, bonus 2

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  1. I love the simplicity, silhouette and color mix in the second shot. The striped top is just perfect with the wide legged pants.

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  3. Sophie says:

    I adore the jacket from the first image – such a fun look!

  4. danielle says:

    I LOVE the striped top and red lipstick!

  5. Mica says:

    Love the second outfit, and how the skirt was captured in the third picture, beautiful! :)

  6. Love the pink maxi skirt


  7. The second shot is perfect!! So chic and feminine!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  8. baby dolphin says:

    I like first outer :)
    The coat has pretty color and point.

  9. RoBrusca says:

    Love the second look! So simple and elegant at the same time.

  10. Great pictures. I love the second one!

  11. Beatiful pictures and outifts

  12. StreetLounge says:

    Last picture has such a great spirit! Like for a magazine shooting! :)

  13. brown.jack76 says:

    She is looking very pretty in the second image. But she could have carried a silver clutch purse on that outfit.

  14. Megan says:

    I adore the top photo – she doesn’t take herself too seriously!

  15. Emily says:

    These are some of my favorite photos yet. :)


  16. Fashion3Ways says:

    second outfit i love it!

  17. N. says:

    is it only me who see here Venus from “The birth od Venus” by Botticelli? Nice one!