NEW YORK – fashion week fall 2012, day 3, 02/11/12

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  1. Tina says:

    Love these looks! Seems like a lot of people are wearing flowery prints – herald of spring?


  2. Ella says:

    Hey are you coming to Canada some time ?

  3. kittenmasks says:

    The second girl looks cold as hell.

  4. diane says:

    Women should not wear hats that are bigger than their heads, ever.
    And head to toe flowers? Please, no.
    Pissed? Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.
    The last 2 women look great.

  5. I love the outfit of the woman on 2nd photo. Lovely patterns.

  6. StreetLounge says:

    Hmm, bit too much prints and nothing fitting :/ Second picture is the coolest and first but without this pants and shoes :P

  7. Parker says:

    Flowery print bonanza-licious!?

    Love the first look, something like a tribal futurist psychedelic dream or something.

  8. Azeulah says:

    I am in love with the jacket in the fourth pic and adore the shoes in the last pic. Fashion lives.