TOKYO – harajuku, 12/02/11

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  1. I really like the first guy’s preppy look and the second guy’s red peacoat is fabulous. Great color!

  2. nonnapuffo says:

    I love your blog
    from your follower! ♡

  3. Alda Mori says:

    Totally fan of Petit Chaperon Rouge !

  4. Mr J says:

    Loveee.. the second guy’s style is awesome!

  5. OceanWind says:

    The young man in red coat looks fantastic !!!

    Ocean Wind

  6. sikken nogle fine sko :-)

  7. pinkmate says:

    This is the place where i want to go when i travel to japan! Love the culture and outfits!


  8. Amy says:

    These peeps are all awesome. P.S. I’m such a girl…I love the girl’s shoes in the last picture but can’t helping thinking “are they comfy” :)

  9. D.Clark says:

    love the last girls bag, makes me think of the skit on seaseme street

  10. Juliann says:

    I quite like looking through a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!