SAO PAULO – fashion week inverno 2012, day 6, 01/24/12

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Olá Ivam tudo bem? Veja sua foto no nosso blog! bjnhssss Raquel

  2. The girl in jeans and chambray shirt looks perfect. Beautifully framed shot, too.

  3. Thanks Yvan for posting my photo!! I loved!!

  4. Mark Devine says:

    In love with the third look! stunning mix! ^^

  5. Brighton says:

    loving that auuu naturalllll hair!! beautiful!!

  6. Plami says:

    So fresh! I love these looks! Can’t wait for summer!


  7. Michelle Lee says:


  8. The combination of denim jacket and jeans look perfect!

  9. The third look is Gorgeous…super klasse dress in first one.

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

  10. I am watching the TV-show Fashion at TV right now. I must say that after five minutes watching, I was already inspired. You are doing a great job. And some people are really good to find cool clothes.
    Oh, and I live in Sweden btw.
    I am a follower of you know at bloglovin. :)

  11. Mila J. says:

    Great captures and lovely summery styles, i’m in love with the first dress.

  12. Mica says:

    Love the denim on denim outfit! :)

  13. Gauthier F. says:

    I found it really interesting to see how people dress from a fashion week to another! It’s like, each fashion week has its own atmosphere.

  14. Lauren Helen says:

    I love the last look so much! So colourful!