MELBOURNE – jemimah, renee & sahara, cbd, 12/16/11

More Melbourne atmosphere on my Visual Diary.

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  1. Jessi says:

    The last girl looks wonderful! She is so beautiful. (:

  2. Excellent street wear. The girls look so cool.

  3. Alda Mori says:

    This serie of pics is just phenomenal!
    I love the fact that in every picture there is a bit of blue. Not to mention the touch of the navajo trend with the bracelet. And who said that rock T-shirts are not fashionable ?

    Alda Mori

  4. Slimbykings says:

    last photo: Double-u-oh-Double-u

  5. Lauren Helen says:

    That bright blue colour catches my eye in every single one of these photos – great shots!

  6. Good call on the last girl! She is stunning!

  7. Leeloo's says:

    like for the printed t-shirts, blue skirt, horn necklace and the whole last outfit…

  8. PsychoSiren says:

    Do you think the girl with the book is reading Shantaram because it matches her outfit?

  9. Last shot: mix-match perfectly put together! It’s a delight!

  10. shabnam says:

    She looks cute, and nice style for all. nothing too much, nothing less! i like it!!