BIELSKO-BIAŁA – neo fashion jamboree, 11/19-20/11

To see more of the city and of the event, check out the 3 posts on my Visual Diary.

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  1. the leo print wedges are so cool, perfect match with the jacket and lovely girl… :)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Poland :)))

  3. buy noflam says:

    Many wish, but few will

  4. Tokyofaces says:

    Love your site! So many stylish people!

    Tokyo street style:

  5. StreetLounge says:

    Girl on the first picture would look great if she could borrow the shoes from the second picture :))) And of course without that leopard coat :)

  6. All the looks are amazing. I have a thing for leopard print. LOVE the first look as well as the leopard printed sneakers. ALL the snaps are really cool.

  7. tiffany says:

    Only in BIELSKO-BIAŁA where people always look stylish.

  8. LA RUE says:

    hhhhaa really nice post I like the first look soo grrrr! no fear for winter!

    Dlight from Paris
    La Rue A Du Style

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love the 3rd girl, she’s classic but edgy at the same time! Still I like all of them

  10. Incredible Outfit, i love skirt with open front.

    XOXO from Munich


  11. Anonymous says:

    it’s nice to see Magda Roman. She’s wonderfullll ! <3


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey I know the 3rd girl. I see her a lot in Warsaw, Kasia I guess ;) Beautiful girl and outfit!

  13. Atria says:

    To me the first girl has such an innocent smile, she seems to be somehow embarassed and well, innocent? What a nice contrast with her outfit.. And moreover, her outfit in my opinion contrasts with block of flats in Lodz – sad, grey walls and so beautiful girl in the middle of it:)

  14. pinkmate says:

    Love all those fabulous leopard prints!


  15. Interestingly stylizations, the first girl looks phenomenally

  16. Agata says:

    I love Alicepoint! (2nd girl)

  17. Hipster stores blog approves ! :D