PARIS – fashion week ss 12, day 4, 09/30/11

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  1. kathi says:

    The first girl has soo funky hair ;)

  2. Lena says:

    Great outfits!! and I love the leather skirt combined with the yellow blouse, I have been searching for the perfect leather skirt since ages, hope I’ll find a similar one soon.
    Wonderful blog!


  3. Lauren says:

    I really like the first look!

    The Styleseer

  4. Mobius says:

    Me encantan estos estilos, sobre todo los 3 primeros!!
    FIRST GIRL LOOKS LIKE A DOLL !!!! She is great !!!!

  5. Michelle Lee says:

    love the first girl’s styling so much!

  6. Stick Figure says:

    I LOVE ALL THE LOOKS!!! I WANT the 2nd look’s outfit!!! I love the yellow!! Just love all the looks though!!


  7. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Yara got style, love the leather + yellow + Prada’s!

  8. Cool!!
    Adorei chegar aqui, um beijo doce e apareca nas abobrinhas

  9. Beatrice B. says:

    The first and the third girl are amazing!!! Both in a different way but equally gorgeous!!!

  10. mini604 says:

    Loving the first girl’s pictures as well. Not just the hair and outfit but also the attitude. =)

  11. Tangerine says:

    The first look is great!
    I fell in love with the shorts.

  12. SK says:

    I like the fabrics used in the second photo

  13. This is so awesome. I love the leather skirt, the first girl with the sweet hair.

  14. Miche Purses says:

    love the third look. what a great up-do!

  15. all outfits look good, but I like the blue one most :)

  16. Lauren Helen says:

    The first girl’s hair is sooo cool!


  17. Acid Alice says:

    Such beautiful people :)

    The first look is stunning; Chanel meets indie chic. Kind of preppy also, very chic.

    I’m loving acid brights too (thus the name, what can I say? :D) the acidic chartreuse is gorgeous, the black really empasises it’s pop.

    The third look is very classy, quite sexy also. I love how the skirt falls.

    The fourth makes me think of a trip to a candy shop, a beautiful dress, and I love how the androgynous shoes give it a punky edge :)

    AliceAntoinette wrote about androgynous style on our blog, I don’t know if anyone’s interested but I guess it’s worth posting a link:


  18. Nemee says:

    Paris definitely, by-far has the best fashion. I love the skirt in the third look; so classy and so stunning. I also love the giant, clunky necklace in the third look. However, the first look is my favourite. Her style is so creative and beautiful. I love the blue, tweed coat and the shorts are gorgeous, I love the material.

  19. Josephine says:

    the last girls shoes are so pretty :-)
    Great outfits !

  20. Vega says:


    I see that everybody in the city is on top of things!

    Each one of these girls look amazing!!

    Great shots! Keep ’em coming! :)

    <3 Vega

  21. You can always rely on Parisian women for some effortlessly chic style! That first mesy bob is simply amazing.


  22. Yvonne Kirby says:

    three number girl is looking gorges and cute :)
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  23. Isidor says:

    Love love love! The first girl is amazing. Really love her outfit