NEW YORK – fashion week ss 12, day 7, 09/14/11

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  1. I Love the 2nd girl’s look!!

  2. I’d go for the third! It looks so cool!

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  3. uanset says:

    i like the last girl

  4. Edelweiss says:

    love the first and latest looks!! so feminin!

  5. GvN says:

    The girl in the second photo has my total admiration! Looove her outfit!!!

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  6. The blue bag with the tan dress looks awesome! :)

  7. Plami says:

    They’re all so stunning! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! The last outfit is my favorite!


  8. NYN says:

    the last look is great so effortless, and it really stands out!!

  9. stylemailbox says:

    i love this girl in the tone-toned beige outfit. very chic!

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  10. pinkmate says:

    i love all these photos the outfits are all fabulous!


  11. How can there be this many beautiful, well dressed women in the world!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love the shoes on the third photo! where did you get them?

    Marissa A. McCown