NEW YORK – fashion week ss 12, day 6, 09/13/11

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  1. Simone Moos says:

    Sikke en flot blog du har !

    Kærlig Hilsen Simone

  2. Beatrice B. says:

    you can never go wrong with the black/white striped… sailors are universal!

  3. Marija says:

    Interesting insight into whois and what happens at fashion week, I’d so love to go, too.

    Marija from intwoo

  4. Michelle Lee says:

    that last look is so chic! my fav

  5. Plami says:

    Great images! I love the necklace from the first outfit!


  6. Lovely blog!Great pics!! :) Check out my blog and follow! I’ll follow yours back! Feel free to leave a comment as well!
    Kisses! :D

  7. Lauren says:

    I’d say the gentleman here is outshining the ladies! Love his look!

    The Styleseer

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where are those fantastic glasses in the first pic from?

  9. Edelweiss says:

    love first and second!

  10. The last look is so easy chic- I really like it


  11. Slimbykings says:

    I like the horizontal photos, but I admire and love the fact that you kept it vertical for streetstyle! x

  12. Nice! Great collection of fashion dress.


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