NEW YORK – fashion week ss 12, day 4, 09/11/11

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  1. Love the outfit of the girl in the leather dress, blue bag is hot and cute wedges.

  2. i love the shoes on the first girl!!!!

  3. heycrazy says:

    Great colour jumper and shoes on the first girl!

  4. I definitely love the shoes of the first girl!

  5. Plami says:

    Great pictures! I am in love with the shoes in the first one!


  6. fabipio says:

    loved the blue shoes from the first one!!

  7. Michelle Lee says:

    love the first two outfits :)

  8. Love them all!
    Beautiful mix and shapes.

  9. jicky says:

    everyone is so fresh and cool!

  10. Jo says:

    I love that hot pink and blue mix… That pop of color is so chic! Love it

  11. stilistele says:

    I love the golden necklace over the leather dress…it’s very inspiring; I have a similar dress and I will definitely try this combination!

  12. Emma says:

    blue bag is hot and cute wedges thankx

  13. eeternalist says:

    can someone tell me who the asian girl in the 4th photo is? i’ve seen her in so many blogs and outside fashion week photographing..

  14. i really love the blue bag scroll down