LONDON – fashion week ss 12, day 6, 09/21/11

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  1. Fero&Seno says:

    that silver shoes is so-gonna-buy!

  2. rouli says:

    <3 that last look!

  3. Kate says:

    Loving the last one. Her hair is amazing.

  4. Loving the looks…all so different, all so great!

  5. Emily Ulrich says:

    Loving the colorblocked third look.

  6. Lynzi M says:

    I see the new trends we saw at NYFW in each of these photos. Scottish prints, stripes, colorblock, sporty and metallic. Great shots!

  7. Nemee says:

    First look is my favourite but I’m in love with the sequined Litas.

  8. Elena says:

    I like the fuchsia – blue mixt!

  9. Calypso Bay says:

    Looking great. I love it.

  10. The first look is beautiful and love the D&G bag! <3

  11. Nice pics , you have such a lovely blog.
    Do you want to follow each other?

    Kisses, Ana ♥

  12. Henni says:

    Love the third girl, she looks so cute.

  13. Katarina S says:

    That’s the way to dress in London. Wow, stunning – especially the first one … Beautiful!


  14. Michelle Lee says:

    love the first three
    so colorful and unique!

  15. Sophie says:

    Loving the girl in the colour block outfit!

  16. Ragazza says:

    Hey, I fell in love with ur great photos. Really like ur blog.
    would u mind following each other? :)
    visit me :)

  17. hey the 9 pic is so cute and dressing is amazing.. great post.

  18. miche purses says:

    the silver shoes cannot be easy to walk with

  19. blazer and high waisted pants work for me