LONDON – fashion week ss 12, day 4, 09/19/11

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  1. Michelle Lee says:

    love the 1st bag, and 4th outfit so much :)

  2. rouli says:

    great post

    <3 looks 2 & 4~


  3. Lavinia V says:

    i love the first pic, the outfit it’s stylish and simple in the same time.

  4. Lauren says:

    Interesting set of shots and characters here.

    The Styleseer

  5. kite says:

    I’m absolutley in love with the last outfit! It’s gorgeous!

  6. Low says:

    God, I´ve never seen such a compilation of horrible looks.
    Is this fashion or just a matter of putting clothes without any criteria to be “different” and “cool”?

    I think we´re losing north..

    XOXO from Spain,

  7. Jo says:

    My vote goes to the girl with the woollen hat. Great look!

  8. Cori says:

    Interesting! The streets are full of inspiration!

  9. Paige says:

    The girl in the beanie looks amazing!


  10. news says:

    waw awesome, cute n beautiful…

  11. Elena says:

    I like most the last outfit!

  12. amélie says:

    uhm…j’adore le look de la 1ere photo:ahhh je veux tout:le superbe gilet à grosses mailles,les shoes,la jupe…..avec son petit air genre ‘non j’ai fait aucun effort pour me saper’ :-)

  13. Love the pictures specially the 4th one, i love her looks, face even her standing with fashion dress Love it.

  14. Ooooh, I love the purple houndstooth skirt. Love how people aren’t afraid to wear prints in London!


  15. This is London… daring to be daring!

  16. Giada says:

    We can’t say they chose essential an minimal looks… :-)


  17. I_am_La_Vale says:

    love all of the outfits!
    nice choice!

  18. monkey + pig says:

    great photos! i love the 4th look, perfect!

  19. TZ says:

    Love all these outfits, so fun! Check out my fashion inspiration blog

  20. Dlight says:

    Love EVERYTHING about the third outfit: the bag, the colours, the cut…etc. Nice shot!

    Dlight from La Rue A Du Style, PAris.

  21. sarees says:

    I liked the last one but the 2nd one is really weird

  22. Ana says:

    Para mi London es la ciudad más arriesgada y original del mundo, allí todo sirve y todo pega! Supongo que tienen la mentalidad muy abierta en cuestión de lo que se lleva y lo que no se lleva, es decir, que pasan de todo! os recomiendo una página con contenidos cool sobre tendencias:

  23. Hanna says:

    when I look at them guys, I know at once that they are from London! Seriously, the style is unmistakable!

  24. Simone says:

    Looks like there is some Henrik Vibskov going on in the 2nd photo!

  25. miche purses says:

    love the first outfit boots