LONDON – fashion week ss 12, day 2, 09/17/11

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  1. JudY says:

    love all sets, but the first is amazin!

  2. La Katღ says:

    I tell ya, its all about geometric prints and colars this season :)

    La Kat

  3. Elena says:

    the first girl blouse is beautiful

  4. LaFence says:

    Totally love the first outfit – esp the glasses and oxfords!

  5. the 4th outfit is amazing, I love her pink hair :)


    Illustrated Moodboard London Fashion Week report

  6. Ela says:

    great pictures!
    I especially like the outfit of the lady in green.



  7. Vasilieva says:

    great pics as always, these girls look stunning

  8. Lauren says:

    Really love the green dress!

    The Styleseer

  9. Mary says:

    Fantastic picture, london fashion week.

  10. dolceedamara says:

    The firts outfit is absolutely amazing!

  11. Lauren Helen says:

    Great photos! I love the green dress with the nude boots!

  12. Ro says:

    absolutely in love with the first look!

  13. wow. impressive ! much better than german fashion :)

  14. Nemee says:

    I love the blazer in the first look but there’s too much colour in the entire look for me, the socks kind of put it over the edge for me. The wedges in the third look are stunning but I’d prefer black or nude straps. The fourth look is my favourite. Everything is perfect in it, the giant necklace and the exaggerated sleeves, stunning!

  15. pinkmate says:

    they all have fabulous shoes! I love the jackets as well!


  16. Tanja v. S. says:

    The green dress looks amazing – Thank you for sharing

    Tanja –

  17. Anonymous says:

    great. got the same shoes! :)

  18. Mobius says:


    i have mad for the shirt of the girl on the first pic and the following green dress !!!
    Do anyone know where they’re from ???

    cheers !! xx

  19. Lavinia V says:

    I love the first girl outfit, the blouse it’s like watercolour painting. Very cute!

  20. Michelle Lee says:

    such a unique hair dye, bolero, shirt!

  21. Niyati says:

    This set was awesome! Esp. the Blue-orange shirt worn by the girl with glasses… I like how London is more relaxed than New York.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love all outfit! especially the shoes! GORGEOUS! Just one request, can you put caption next time so I would know where to get your outfit? Thanks x

    Marissa A. McCown

  23. Victoria says:

    Ow! Wonderful all the clothes! It was a delight to watch the pictures!