BEIRUT – angela, gemayzeh / mia, downtown / stephany, hamra, 07/28-30/11

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  1. Vasilieva says:

    lovely shots, great selection of looks too

  2. Cecylia says:

    you’re so good at capturing beautiful ladies

  3. Beatrice B. says:

    the black n white is cute, but also classic. Love it :)

  4. Michelle Lee says:

    love the second bag

  5. Plami says:

    Great shots! love the last outfit! The color combination is so fresh!


  6. Lauren says:

    All three are nice looks, but I especially love the first one. The palm tree print summer shift and flats is a classicly chic silhouette. And the pose against that rock wall backdrop is perfect.
    Very reminiscent of Beirut’s past as a super chic resort.

    The Styleseer

  7. VogueMafia says:

    i love the fact its beirut.
    so often its always european cities, its nice to have a change. keep them coming, they’re great.

    i would love to see more mid. eastern street style.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love all ure pics! but I specially crushed on the second look, very parisian style! love it! and thxs for sharing styles from other cities then Europe xoxo

  9. Floyd says:

    Great pics from beirut, Lebanon is such an amazing place, so cosmopolitan its almost scary.
    The first girl has a lot of taste .

  10. Deema says:

    you still in lebanon??
    I would love to meet you! I live in beirut :)

  11. Deema says:

    ohhhh you met tala too!!!

  12. Raquel T.G. says:

    Love the girl in blue&green :)

  13. eklektik says:

    Ah, the natural elegance of Beiruti girls! They look beautiful and effortlessly chic.
    Great to see Beirut featured in your blog

  14. Mark says:

    i dont like any of the garments, anly the bad in the second picture with black dress is cute.
    regards mark

  15. Tiffany says:

    nice.. I love those bags!!