AUCKLAND – new zealand fashion week aw 12, day 1, 08/30/11

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  1. Anonymous says:

    COLOUR!!! who says we can’t do colour in New Zealand ;)

  2. kathi says:

    Love the turquoise and green! The beige coat is a I-want-it-too-piece!

  3. , Love the colors, always less used things are good <3

  4. Jennifer says:

    These girls are definitely brightening up what looks like a very miserable day! They look great!

  5. i love this is shoes!))

  6. Emily Ulrich says:

    The color here is so great! That shade of seafoam green (?) is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

  7. Lauren Helen says:

    Loving all the colours! Great inspirations to go with my morning cuppa :) Thanks!

  8. pinkmate says:

    i love the first girl’s outfit!!! I’ve been looking for that kind of bow! GReat photos!


  9. wow! love it!



  10. Plami says:

    Great pictures of gorgeous outfits! Especially the first and the third!


  11. The 1st look is my favorite. So 70′s !!

  12. I_am_La_Vale says:

    I think the pic next to last is stunning, amazing outfit!

  13. Annushka says:

    inspirational photos, great style!))

  14. Wow New Zealand fashion week. That are a LOT of miles away from here. Awesome photos!


  15. Lauren says:

    Exquisite colors here. I especially love the first and last outfits. I’d definitely wear both!

    The Styleseer

  16. Michelle Lee says:

    love color blocked outfits :)

  17. Micheal M says:

    The guy in the second to last picture is Duncan. *applause* for someone who came from the little hobbiton that is Whangarei to the facehunter

  18. Sundal Rox says:

    the girl in the long coat is spectacular.

  19. Kate says:

    If someone know where I can buy this beige coat, please let me know :)

  20. Sophistafunk says:

    Wonderful color combinations!

  21. Sophistafunk says:

    Wonderful colors!