LONDON – anna, regent’s canal & star, great marlborough street, 06/29-30/11

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  1. very nice pics…… love the 1rst look .D

    Fashion People: PIPPA MIDDLETON- Preppy CHic STYLE

  2. Couture xx says:

    The glasses are cool!

  3. says:

    Love the blue hair extensions and the willowy frame echoing the willowy backdrop :D

  4. Lauren says:

    Really love the first shot on Regent’s Canal. Great composition – her blue bag, the blue rail and trim on the boat, and touches of blue in the background… Nicely done!

    The Styleseer

  5. CarolineJ says:

    love the first two pictures, the outfit is amazing !

  6. Love the first girls style. I like buttoned up shirts.

  7. Eleina says:

    London = Fashion!

    I love going to London cause I see so many fashionistas in the street-

    Plus, London was the very first country I visited due to modeling work I booked from


  8. Pedro Garfo says:

    Love the looks :)


    Pedro Garfo
    Mens fashion Blog

  9. Andy says:

    blend with the color of shoes you wear clothes that look so harmonious

  10. Becky says:

    Love the stripped shirt, shades and blue bag combo, very nautical

  11. Chanok S. says:

    The 1st photo is my fav!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just want to say that I really love what you do Yvan, and how much you travel, and all the different looks you share with us! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  13. modHello! says:

    the first outfit is amazing!

    kisses, gaia

  14. Balthasar says:

    the first two shots are lovely!


  15. Laura says:

    i LOVE the shirt the girl in the first image is wearing. so crisp!

  16. spacek8 says:

    I’m madly in love with those oxfords! Where can I find them?

  17. I envy you of your treasure hunter life…

  18. Imparali says:

    cool outfits and glasses…:)

  19. maria zxa says:

    i like those pics so much :D

    they r so stylish


  20. The first look is my favorite. I love her blondir hair !

  21. Anonymous says:

    Second girl is great. So oryginal, interesting yet wearable combination. For me she creates. I look through many style and fashion websites where people look good but all the same whereas her got unique and OWN style without looking silly. Well done!

    I wish she had a blog…

  22. Michelle Lee says:

    love the 1st girl’s look!

  23. savez says:

    the first girl looks really awesome wearing that model of glasses. they are damn risky and I don’t remember when the last time I’ve seen anybody looking so good in it!

  24. Low says:

    Love the first look! Simple but chic, and those round sunglasses give the british touch! Just adore it!!