BEIRUT – tala, gemayzeh, 07/28/11

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  1. Susie Heymer says:

    I loved the necklace and her shoes! Perfect!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Davidikus says:

    Nice bit of wall you have got there.
    I like that piece of bright pink too.

  3. Lovely outfit, especially the pants and shoes! Nice!

  4. that necklace is soo fab, never seen one like it

  5. Lauren says:

    Love, love, love this outfit!! The pink necklace and blue bag add a nice cheer to the otherwise wonderfully but basic look. The wideleg cropped pants are great. She looks like a modern day, fun loving explorer.

    The setting on the stairs against the wall is beautiful, too. Well done!

    The Styleseer

  6. nileta says:

    love the ring!

  7. Not much else to say other than, So So So Cool

    PvdH -designer and illustrator

  8. Jessica says:

    you got to be kidding me with this photos..

  9. Yvan Rodic says:

    @Jessica, what do you mean?

  10. todo conjunto el-esta bonito, cuello el-resalta

  11. Dina H says:

    Who is this beautiful girl?! Loooove her look :)

  12. Sophistafunk says:

    Did you really go to Beirut??? If so, bravo!